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Antique Urdu Books

How You Can Join The Movement

Islamic & Sufi Books

If you have any antique / rare book, which is not currently available in market. That’s your responsibility to save that book for our generations. Book which belongs to sufi or islamic category, upload that copy here.

Classic Books & Novels

Any novel , historical  or poetry book. which is not available in market and you have any hard copy. kindly submit the scan copy with below mentioned button. 

We would borrow !

You don’t have enough resource to scan book, which you think is rare one. here we are, fill this form & we will contact you. Let us borrow that book just to make a digital copy. that’s it.   

You and Your Friends Can Be part of this noble cause. Join our team!

Action speaks louder than words. Stop blaming others and be member of our team. United we stand & work for future of our generations. Let save our asset.

 Your Contribution

Your contribution would always be appreciated properly on our platforms. 

How To Be a Voice for the Antique Books project

  • Join our team here, and contribute at your best level. What ever you can do. Read FAQ to know more about us.
  • Share this form along with our message to conserve old/rare books, on social media, spread awareness about our project to other peoples of our country Pakistan.
  • If you have any old book, but lack resources conact us  we would reach you & help to save asset.
  • Join our facebook group “Virtual Counselor” for coordination and contact. You would love to participate in discussion here


What is this Antique book collection project?

In Antique book collection project, we collect and recive old/rare/antique books from all over pakistan. All those books, which are asset from our ancestors, but now these books are  not available in market to read, but someone have any copy in home or library. Our mission is to make digital copy of that book & save for future.

How can I contribute in this project?

There are three main ways to directly contribute in this project.

  •  Be Team member & dig out different libraries to collect rare books. Scan those books on first level, make PDF without disturbing orignal book. and submit here.
  •  Spread our voice to other people through whatsapp, telegram or other social media. join our facebook group here.
  •  If you donot have resources but have book. contact us here. we would reach you.
How can I convert a book to digital copy ?

If you have any old book and you want to make a digital copy. Use common scanner device attached to PC.

If you do not have Scanner device use your mobile camera to scan. for that purpose use one of given apps to scan book.

01. Adobe Scanner 

02. Clear Scan

Then Use This link to merge all pages to make PDF

How Can I Send you that PDF book / digital copy?

01. Use this link to upload that pdf book, if that is not islamic book. (all other categories are accepted).

02. If that is islamic or sufi category book use this link.

03. if you are having any issue to upload, you may email us at:

What benefit will I get from this ?

This is a volunteer work, for our own country Pakistan. volunteer is to give of yourself in service to a cause. It is about freely giving your time to help an organization or your community. we would credit you on your task. And you will get nationwide recognition due to this work.

Will my books be sold ?

No. Any old rare book would be converted into digital form under CC 4.0 license. that mean it would be available freely. That book would not be placed for purchase. free to use and redistribute.

Can I upload books written in languages other than Urdu ?

Books which are written in language, which is native to pakistan are welcomed. like pashto, sindhi or balochi. other than this you may upload books of our native writers even though that book was written in any other language like persian.

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