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DarsGhah book bank is a place from where you can download PDF with no cost. And if you are lover of book fragrance & enjoy reading taking book in hands, you may order paper book. We would love to deliver your book at your doorstep. We Provide a variant range of books, from textbooks to reference books & from social novels to islamic/sufi book. So welcome to universe of infinity

Reading more books would power your brain to read people out their.  Research shows The more you read books allows you to see things from other’s point of view. Reading helps you in arranging your thoughts and helps you to express yourself better. There were great influential books in past, which are not available now in market. Join our movement to save book asset. Read more here about this mission. 

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We have strong collection of papers ranging from grade one to twelve in nearly all subjects. All papers are part of open source project, free to use without watermark. 

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If you want to send us book in PDF to help others. you may also send us. So be book volunteer use this page to upload book.

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If you want any book you love. Send us information, we would love to place here that book.

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Be part of our community & intreact with other book lovers. You would like to share your experience of books.

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